Here is a list of calendars telling you what's on in Cobourg.  Some have a limited number of events and many include locations outside Cobourg but between them, they list most of what's available for entertainment in Cobourg.

Organizations with Virtual Events

Venue Calendars

Entertainment Organization Web sites

Other Venues

General Calendars

Snapd One of the best although it also includes club and educational events.  It covers Port Hope as well as Cobourg. You can enter events yourself. Currently few events
Concert Hall It is actually their booking calendar but they manage bookings for many of Cobourg’s events - closed until 1 November 2021 (scheduled date)
Town of Cobourg Only Town managed events.   Dominated by Library events and includes many educational events.  Very slow to load.
Northumberland County As you'd expect, covers whole county - but currently very few events
Northumberland News Newspaper site - Covers Northumberland County - currently very few events
My FM Radio Station A limited number of events
Kawartha Now Includes most Cobourg Events - link at left uses search for Cobourg to limit results.


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