The Art Gallery of Northumberland (AGN) in partnership with community leaders, presents the newest creative addition to Northumberland County, the Mini Art Gallery!

The Mini Art Gallery project encourages the creation and delivery of art throughout our community, making art accessible to all while encouraging community engagement!

Here’s how it works. Any time you come across a mini art gallery you have an opportunity to take a piece, leave a piece, or both. You just may find your new favourite local artist or, seeing what your neighbours are making might encourage you to break out of your bubble and make something new and unique! Get creative with your masterpiece. Within the walls of this gallery experimentation and imperfection are welcomed.

Find a Mini Art Gallery near you with one of our hosting locations partners:

Coming soon – stay tuned!

  • Lakeside Supermarket
  • Art Gallery of Northumberland
  • Cobourg Public Library
  • Cobourg Community Centre

For more information about the Mini Art Gallery Project and how you can participate, please visit: AGN Mini Art Gallery Project.

Brighton min galleryCramahe min gallery

Port Hope min gallery

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